Origami. Learn to make paperfolding : the square base

Square base

A origami lesson sent by David Prat.

This mini lesson is intended to teach how to carry out the square base; a fundamental composition in the realization of many paper handiworks.




Fold a squared sheet, in both senses, along the diagonals (A,B) (C,D) and the medium ones (E,F) (G,H) just as it will be explained in the three following steps:




1) Fold diagonally to form a triangle.



2) Do the same thing with the current piece.



3) The last folds follow the same strategy that the one explained in how to fold diagonals.

Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3, but this time make the folds in the opposite direction.



Unfold the sheet joining the inferior left border (A) with the inferior right one (B) carrying out the fold along the superior face.
( Look at the picture carefully)

Looking at the first picture, one should have to join vertex C with B.



Now, observing the previous picture, fold vertex C towards B along the superior face.
We will obtain the result of the right picture.

Next, fold the last vertex A towards the corners B.


Compact the obtained figure by pressing all its surfaces with your fingertips.

And ...the paper base is ready !



You can follow the steps to make this base following the process with this animation.

Once the movie is loaded, click on the playing button ( right arrow ).
You can pause the animation by clicking on the double vertical line (visible instead of the playing button when the movie is on) Go on watching the film by clicking on the same button again (in this case the double vertical lines will become a single arrow).
To rewind the videotape click on the stop button (squared button).
To see the film step by step, click on one of the two arrows buttons (the one pointing to the right advances film photograms to the right direction , the one pointing to the left rewind the photograms).

Watch video (popup window)

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