How to make a samurai hat with paper

How to make a samurai hat

A paperfolding lesson sent by David Prat Robles.

To make this handiwork you have to take an squared sheet of paper ( or cardboard)

Fold the squared paper diagonally.

... You will obtain a double triangle. Fold it again following the traces joining the medium points of catheti with hypotenuse.

Ahora la estructura tiene una forma cuadrada (1cuarto del tamaño inicial), constituye la base del sombrero del samurai.Now the structure shows a squared form ( a fourth of the original size) . It constitutes the base of samurai hat.
Raise the wings folding them along the diagonal - traced line - joining both vertices
with the upper one.

Fold them again along the two traced lines.

Fold the first inferior wing ( Leave some centimetres of the diagonal of the square) - following the traced line- towards the superior vertex.

One the wing is raised - as you can see in the image- fold it along the line that superimposes the diagonal.

Press all sides well to mark the lines.



The samurai hat is also called kabuto


You can follow the steps to make this samurai cap following the process with this animation.

Once the movie is loaded, click on the playing button ( right arrow ).
You can pause the animation by clicking on the double vertical line (visible instead of the playing button when the movie is on) Go on watching the film by clicking on the same button again (in this case the double vertical lines will become a single arrow).
To rewind the videotape click on the stop button (squared button).
To see the film step by step, click on one of the two arrows buttons (this pointing to the right advances film fotograms to the right direction , the one pointing to the left rewind the fotograms).

Watch video (popup window)

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