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Educational games

Dibujos para colorear y pintar en línea

Educational games for teachers, parents or caretakers to entertain kids and teenagers.

All these games have both educational and entertainment aims.

Choose the educational activity from the list below:


Coloring drawings on-line Drawings to paint and print online

The ideal game for that people how is introducing in the art of painting.
Application that allows to color a white and black drawing with some certain colors.
You can rectify how many times do you want and your can print the result pushing a button.

There is a total of 6 different drawings to paint.

Memory game on-line Memory game on-line

The game of the memory consists on finding the couple of the hidden drawings face down.

Ideal for developing the visual memory; since it is necessary to remember where the couple of each drawing was.

The couples are removed at random in each game, so that they create an ulimited game.

Logical didactic games Logical didactic games

In this sections you will find logic games for small children.

Games where observation and form perception ara proved.

Each game is reloaded at random every time it starts.

Games to develope memory


Games to develope your memory

In this section there is a collection of games to develope the memory while you are playing.

They are ideal for children and young when growing up.

Math Games for kids


Math games for kids New!

In this page we can find games to solve math exercises. From easy levels for kids untill more complicated levels for young people.

The funniest math exercises ever!

Dibujos para colorear y pintar en línea Educational flash activities

Games of the differences, games of questions and the Game of the fruit boxes gathered in this interesting page.

Besides having a good time you will learn more envelope a little the vegetable world.

Crosswords Free crosswords

Dozens of croswords to have a god time while you solve them.

In pdf files you can downlaod.

Word search Word search

Hundreds of word search to play for a long time.

Clasified acording to different subjecs. You will not be bored with this amusing classical game.

In pdf files you can downlaod.

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