Didactical games to learn Maths. On-line activities to practise with calculation exercises for schools, class, teachers and students.

Math exercices

In this page we can find educational games related with maths: resolve multiplications, divisions, sums, substractions...
To play and to realise math exercises is only necesary your computer and a lot of hours to enjoy in the same time that you learn.

At the end of this page there's general information about the games.



Now, a list of activities available:

Multiplication exercises for kids

Go to multiplication exercises

Sum exercises for kids

The next math activity which is going to appear will be about sums.

Pay attention!



General Information about the Math games

Different dificulty level
Different dificulty level

In order to adapt all differences of ages or educational variations each game has a selection of the difficulty level.

Thus it doesn't discriminate anyone and we can reuse the activity as mach as we acquire new knowledge and skills.

Instructions for use

Instructions for use

Since nobody knows everything when he borns we also added simple instructions easy to understand the usage of the game.

All explanations are carried out by the Teacher.
He teaches us and he evaluate us.

Direct and enjoyable assessment
Direct and enjoyable assessment

The Teacher will always indicate if the calculations are well done or not.
And also where we failed!

There is no better way to practice having fun while playing.


Autonomous exercises
Autonomous exercises

All games can be played from the website.

Thus, we do not need additional external support.
We only need our computer, internet connection and DibujosParaPintar.com

Timer or timing device

Each game is controlled by a timer that rings when the indicated time has passed.

We can conduct competitions to see who is the mental fastest one or just to have controlled the session.

Follow-up results
Follow-up results

A very interesting option for parents and teachers is the option to monitor the exercises performed by children or students.

Once the calculations are done we'll see the results. These printed results can be customized with player's name, date and a list of the operations where there have been difficulties.


These are some of the characteristics of math games, the other ones... we learn them by playing.


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