What materials should be used to draw correctly.

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Drawing materials

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Estudio de dibujo
Drawing studio
It is the place where the designer works when he doesn't make it in the free air.
This place must be very comfortable to take a better advantage of time .

Mesa de dibujoDrawing table
The artist cannot draw on any surface.
The table is a fundamental element when drawing at home.
Know about
the tracing table to be able to trace.

Silla de dibujo
Drawing chair
You cannot draw standing in front of a table.
Choose which is the best seat type to draw.

Lápiz de dibujo
Drawing pencil
The first material to draw.
Learn the existent varieties in the market.

Goma de borrar
To be able to correct errors or even to improve the drawing we need this instrument.
A great number of different rubbers exists.

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