When the man began to draw,rupestrian paintings, Egyptian and Greek drawings. The origins of technical drawing.

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History of drawing

Cave paintingsThe human being has always felt the need to represent all that surrounds him, finding in drawing, the most interesting means to carry out this desire. The first drawings goes back to the Superior Paleolithic , 35.000 years ago, when the Homo sapiens represented on the cave surfaces of the caves or on the skin of the coats, animals that he hunted. An example of this artistic manifestation can be found in the cave paintings of the caves of Altamira, in Cantabria (Spain).

Later, the Egyptians knew how to take profit of this art to decorate the most imposing constructions in the history; the pyramids. It had passed thousands of years and the drawing had evolved substantially. From the single-coloured and static composition of the prehistory, a new stride had been made to the balance, thoroughness and coloring of the theological representations in temples and sanctuaries. There was a need to detail the figure of gods to thank them the splendor of the Egyptian empire

It was necessary to advance to the sixth century BC to find in the Greeks the maximum representatives of the balance in drawing. Worried to center in the human candid expression, they denude it from any ostentation or supernatural connotation, they are able to achieve their target and they obtain what was considered to be the harmonic balance.

Roman thecnic drawingThe Romans, 500 years later, contributed to the diversity it was lacking . And army and an discipline was required to maintain an empire on such an extensive territory in order to subdue so many diverse cultures under the same authority. That facilitated, in certain part, the abandonment of the artistic and ornamental stuff to come closer to a more practical and more useful doctrine for that time; Solid constructions were necessary to maintain the authority from the continuous attacks of the invaders. They obtained in the drawing the means to reflect what the useful constructions needed to be . The first maps arose and with them the architecture was born. The technical drawing required a bigger technique and mathematical knowledge about what had been forged until that moment.

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