Tutorial on how to draw caricatures and which elements we should pay attention on. Learn how to draw easily Caricatures of your friends and family and create your own cartoons.

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What is a caricature?

Caricatura de Albert Einstein


A caricature is a artistic technique to create portraits of people exaggerating the most representative features of each face. Its purpose is to mock or make fun of the person who is being caricatured.
The portrait has to keep its resemblance with this person, even if it is grossly exaggerated.

The caricature was originated in northern Italy in the late sixteenth century. It was used to portray the tourists visiting the area.

Currently, it is also used to make political satire and comic magazines.


"Choose well your victim...
...And get ready to caricature him/her!! "


How to draw caricatures?

The first thing we must do to start doing a caricature is to observe the head profile.
We have to classify it according to his/her constitution: strong head (strong muscular tone with very sharp jaws), thin (very prominent cheekbones), delicate (soft curves), mental (prominent forehead), a tubby face (wide and think curves)...

Some examples can be seen in the following pictures:

Caricatura de Albert Einstein


Once we know who are we going to draw, we must study his/her face.
Which elements attract our attention most?
We start with the eyes. These can present many shapes and sizes: small, large, slanted, narrowed ...

Caricatura de Albert Einstein


The position of the eyes emphasizes the person's complexion.

On the left you can see three different examples how the eyes can be drawn on a face.


Caricatura de Albert Einstein


Eyebrows reflect people mood. According to the inclination, they can show anger, surprise, sadness, joy...

Look at the eyebrows of the person you want to draw and copy them in the portrait.

Eyebrows also have different size and shape.

In the figure on the right there are some examples.


In the lower graph there are examples of eyes.

Caricatura de Albert Einstein


Caricatura de Albert Einstein


Normally, people have their ears at the same level of their eyes.

If the person who is going to be portrayed has protruding ears, we can draw them much more exaggerated in our caricature.

If he/she has the ears close to his/her head, we can hide them in our caricature.


Nose is another distinctive feature of people's face.

Caricatura de Albert Einstein


Caricatura de Albert Einstein

If you go on looking down the face, you'll find the mouth.

The lips are around the mouth. In the graph on the right there are 6 examples of different mouths:


Teeth are another element to consider when drawing caricature portraits. We can draw either the simplest ones (without defining the teeth) or the most detailed ones ( small teeth, gap-toothed mouth, etc).

Caricatura de Albert Einstein An illustrator has a graphic resource to highlight the badness/goodness of a character just by drawing the teeth in one position or another.

When teeth are drawn growing from the lower jaw, the character looks evil. However, when the teeth grow from the upper jaw, the character looks a peaceful person.


"So, you know where to pay attention when drawing a caricature now. Practice with your family and friends.
You'll see how funny is to caricature people!"


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