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<< How to draw a dog step by step

How to paint a dog adding details

"In the previous chapter (how to draw a dog step-by-step) we finished the sketch of a dog.

How will we finish the complete drawing of this dog?




Erase excess lines of the different parts of the body, leaving only the outlined ones.


"When we want to join two bodies in a drawing, we can completely erase the connecting lines.
However, if we keep a short connecting line, our drawing gets more volumetric."




Add the details of the head and a nice necklace with its ​​medal.



Now draw the spot of the tail and the other spots of the hind legs.



Also detail the forelegs.

Notice how we mark the leg muscles using small marks.



Finish the pencil drawing with the last details, adding realism to your drawing: Body spots and some hair raised by the collar.



Paint the picture using 3 different tonalities of brown color.

We chose red for the necklace, but you can use your favorite color.


Finish the drawing painting the footpad and adding hair shadows with a darker color.


"We have still to complete the sitting dog!
How will we finish it?"




Erase the excess lines.

Realise again how we have prolonged the skech lines of the legs towards the body...now our dog has much more volume!



Start detailing the dog's head, adding the visible eye, the nose and the snout spot.

Draw the necklace.



We have just finished the visible hind leng.



Draw the spots of the foreleg, mark the muscles and the paws.



On your left you can see the finished drawing of the dog.

We have added the last spots and the details of the hair.



Use the same color pattern to liven up the dog drawing.


Add the shadows to finish the drawing.

Since the light comes from above, the shadow appears under the animal.


"We just need our dog in 3/4 perspective view!"




As we have done so far, we have to remove the excess lines.




Continue detailing the head and the collar.

Notice how the collar "embraces" the dog's neck, thus it is drawn curved.



Now, draw the back legs and the tail.




It is the turn of the hind legs.



Finish the drawing adding spots and hair details.



Being the same dog, it has the same colors.



Because light is coming from above, shadow is painted under the body of the dog.


And we already have our full color dog!


"In the next chapter:
We'll learn how to draw cats ... Miaow!"


<< How to draw a dog step by step

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