Tutorial on how to draw a dog step-by-step. Learn how to draw easily dogs following drawing instructions.

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How to draw a dog step by step

When we want to draw dogs, firstly we must know how a dog is. So, look at pictures, review videos or just go outside and look carefully to these animals.


Look at this picture of a Beagle dog (page in Spanish), from our friends of Botanical.


Look at the picture and mentally guess the image of a dog. We have used yellow color to simulate what an artist see when he looks that pet.






When we analyse a dog's body, we realize that we could break it down in 3 parts: body (1), hind (2) and head (3) and the different sub-parts which would unite the different elements.

Knowing that, let's go to work...



We start making the ground line, where our dog will walk on.

Then, we draw the body's circle (1)


Since our dog will walk to the right, it'll have its backside on the left.

Draw another circle (2).

Connect the circles: the line of its back and the line of its belly.



The dog's head is above its trunk.

Draw another circle (3) and join it with the body, creating the neck.



Add the details that characterize the dog: tail, snout and the floppy ears of a Beagle.



Only the legs are missing.

The back leg of a dog has the same joints as those on left picture.


The other rear left leg is drawn forward, because our dog is walking.



Finally, we draw the front legs.

Dogs, when are walking they move their legs of each side in the opposite direction.


"Now, let's draw the dog sitting...
Will we be able?"




If you have to draw a dog sitting, start with the butt's circle (2). It will rest on the ground line. It's the part of the dog that is in contact with the ground.


"When a dog sits, it bends its back.

Imagine its column as a tube where we apply a weight at the top of it."




Draw the circle of the body (1) above the bottom circle and trace the lines of the back and belly.

The line of the back should be curved to show realism.



Add the circle of the head over the body and also add the neck lines.




Continue with the same details: tail, snout and ears.

In this case, we only see the nearest ear, the other one is hidden.



The front legs are holding the weight of the animal, thus, they must be stiff and straight.

Draw them.


Now it is time for the hind legs.

Since the Beagle is sitting, it has its hind legs bent.

We draw a curved line to represent the knee.



The hind ankle (aka called hock) is bent opposite to the knee.

Finish tracing the rest of the rear leg.


"Ok. Very well. We have drawn a dog sideways, but if we want to draw a dog in 3/4 ...
How do we draw that?"


We used the 3/4 perspective to convey the illusion of volume in a drawing. So, change circles for spheres.

Drawing spheres is as simple as crossing a vertical line with a horizontal one the sphere surface. These crossed lines are curved since they are on the contour of the sphere. See the picture on the left.

We draw the dog's butt sphere (2) and its body sphere (1).



Join both spheres with lines: the back line and the belly line.




The another sphere above the body is the dog's head.



Join the head to the body with neck lines.


Add the remaining details: tail, snout (As a flattened sphere) and ears.




Add the forelegs.



Now, draw the rear right leg with its knee and its hock.



The left hind paw is partially hidden by the body.



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