Tutorial on how to draw animals step-by-step. Learn how to draw easily small animals following graphic instructions.

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How to draw animals step-by-step

This is a lesson of how to start drawing animals.

We will give you some guidelines to understand at a glance the decomposition of a complicated animal into simple figures.

To follow the tutorial you should have a soft lead pencil, an eraser and a sketchbook (or white paper sheets)


Let's draw a common pet in our home: a hamster.

If you don't own any at home, you can take a look at animal magazines or videos as a reference.

Le'ts start. Draw a large oval. (It represents the body of this animal)

Above the body we find the head.

To draw it, just make a small circle on top of the oval.


To imagine the animal, we will need to mark where the upper and lower extremities are.

Draw a rounded cornered triangle below the head to symbolize the muscles of the upper extremity.

Repeat with another larger triangle below the previous one.

Since the hind legs are stronger (thanks to them the hamster can run and jump) muscles should be bigger.

The legs are dawn from the previous drawn triangles. (Draw them like two sausages).

Do not forget to add the tail at the oposite side of the head oval.

Delete the lines that hinder us to understand the drawing.

Go on making the right eye and ears.

Notice we do not detail the drawing at this moment. We just go slowly marking the most significant elements of the pet.

Now that we understand the appearance of the hamster, we go on completing the details.

Flatten the hamster head with straight line.

Do not forget to draw the nose and the mouth.

Add the toes on both visible legs.

We continue with more details.

As the hamster has black eyes, we fill the whole eye in black, except a small white point as a light reflection.

Continue adding the whiskers. Trace quick strokes spontaneously (make presure at the beggining of each dash and loose presure at the end)

Add the small sharp nails of the fingers.

Take a look at the ears details.

Draw a line to mark the different hair color distribution of the hamster body.

The steps that are going to take from now on, will define our animal either wild or domestic.

Draw the hair making short dashes from top to bottom (always in the direction).

Now that marked areas are darker, fill the other surfaces.

The hair of the head is more delicated (shorter and thinner). Draw them using softer dashes.

Finally we would get a result similar to the drawing on the left.

Being a graphite drawing, we recommend you to apply hairspray or a special color fixative spray to preserve it longer.

Now, practice with other small rodents.

Remember to imagine it as it was made of different geometrical figures: circles, ovals, sausages.. Because they are easy to draw.

The more you practice the easier it is to draw animals. Visit zoos and take quick notes that will serve you later.

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