A collection of printable coloring pages about The celebration of fools' day, innocent saints day, scoffs, jokes, gags, ornamental elements for the party

Drawing of typical puppet

Typical Puppet

Drawing of doing jokes

To do jokes

More holidays and celebrations drawings

Halloween drawings
Live the magic of Halloween and paint their drawings.

Christmas drawings
Print SantaClaus, hoist and chimneys.

Carnival drawings
Paint and color masks and disguises.

Saint Valentine drawings
Print these drawings and give them to your lover.

Easter drawings
Color the typical Easter eggs of these days.

Saint John the Baptist drawings
Print sheets of blazes and firecrackers.

Saint Jorge drawings
Color the Saint legend Jorge: dragons and roses.

Birthday drawings
Printing drawings of cakes and gifts.

Hearts drawings
Get drawings of love hearts.

The three wise men
Print and know the names of the three magic kings.

Drawings of decoration of Halloween
Drawings of ornamental elements for halloween.

Drawings of Saint John
Fire and amusement in the party of Saint jonn.

Drawings of mother's day
It congratulates your mother with colored drawings.

Drawings of Year end
Drawings of the celebration of year end to paint.

Drawings of world day of the Earth
Drawings to remember that we have a planet.

Drawings of chestnut day
Drawings of this Catalan tradition on the chestnuts.

Drawings of aids / VIH day
Drawings to remember that this illness even exists.

Drawings of decorations of Christmas
Ornamental elements on navidad to paint.

Christmas drawings for children
Illustrations of Christmas ready to be painted.

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