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Oscar Trophy

If you have not been lucky enough to be given with a Hollywood Oscar, now you can have your own Oscar at home.

Oscars' Trophies

Oscar Trophy



Click on the trophy miniature to see a bigger image of the Oscar template.

1) first, print the black and white sheet by clicking on the printing button
2) once printed, make a reproduction in bigger scale on a bristol board.
3) in capital letters, write the name of the person who is going to receive the trophy inside the badge OSCAR TO":
4) paint the biggest human figure area yellow . Those areas with reflections must be filled with brilliant golden color.
5) Finish the black pedestal with grays shades and the commemorative badge yellow .
6) Cut the trophy along its edge after painting it.


Now you will only have to place the back support to avoid it to fall. If you are thinking about hanging it on the wall it is not necessary to proceed with this last part.

Make a bristol board ribbon, like the one above in such a way that the first square is similar to the 3/4 parts of the height of your trophy.


Cut this ribbon along the continuous lines and fold the different squares along de dotted lines such as you can see in the drawing of the left. All must be carried towards the center.



Glue the smallest square with paste (the colored one in the right drawing ) and paste it on the front square leaving a centimeter free in the upper part of the big square.


Now you will have a pedestal like the one in the left drawing . Lastly, put some glue on the the outside face of the vertical square (on the colored area of the drawing ). Stick the Oscar previously cut and colored on the glued surface.


The Oscar must be glued at floor level just as it is observed in the right drawing (colored square). It must remain somewhat slanted to improve its stability.


And... you already have your own Hollywood Oscar at home!

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