Learn telling time by making a clock of paper for kids following easy steps and drawings.

How to make a clock to tell the time

In this page we are going to learn how to make a children's clock in order to teach how to tell the time easily.

The following materials are needed to make this craft: 4 sheets of paper (card or foam rubber), crayons or tempera, a bookbinder, glue and scissors.

First of all, print the 3 shits of patterns you find at the end of this page.

Color each drawing at your choise using cheerful and bright colors.



Once the paint is dry, cut each pattern by the edge.




Take the 4th blank sheet and glue in the center the clock background, the bells and the hammer.



Using the scissors or the same bookbinder make a hole in the center of the clock face and two more holes in the clock hands (minute hand and hour hand)

Then we'll make the face clock...



Fix each number on the face clock distributing them evenly around the circumference.

You can use the small cercles inside the circumference to know where to place the numbers.

Place the needles...

With the bookbinder pierce the hour hand, the minute hand and the center of the clock face.

Fix the clock face on the clock background with the glue.

Let the clock dry for some hours.

Don't waste your time. Learn how to tell the time playing with the paper clock. Move the hour/minute hands to different positions and tell that time.

pieces of the clock

Silueta del reloj

Backrground of the clock

Elementos decorativos del reloj

Clock face and bells

Patrón para confeccionar el reloj

Clock hands, hammer and numbers

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