learn how to write secret messages like the spies. craft of a spy for writing in a encrypted way.

How to write secret messages

The good spies transmit information in a hidden way to avoid being discovered.
¡Learn how to write secret messages!



We are going to teach you a simple, but very effective, technique to write messages to your friends without waning the other people. The technique to hide information is called cryptography. If you are interested about this topic, you can know more about it loaning books in libraries or buying in bookshops.

The following materials are needed: two sheets of paper, scissors and a pen.

Writting the secret message

First write the message in a paper sheet using the pen.

The message has to be written in a special way. We have to shuffle the words of our secret message with other words of a longer message. This longer message has not to be important.

Look at the left picture where the red words are words of the secret message. ¡You have to write all the message with the same color!

You can find a complet example of secret message at the end of this page.


Then, write the guide to decode the mesage, that is to say, be able to read the secret message from a senseless message.

Put the blank sheet of paper on the written sheet of paper and place them on a iluminated window.

We can alse use a tracing table to get the same result: make the blank sheet translucent.


Enclose with the pen the words of the secret message drawing a rectangle.

Cut the rectangles with the scissors.

Deliver, in a secret way, the perforated sheet to your friend. Then we can give him/her the messages infront of anybody.

Nobody will read the secret information without the perforated sheet!



reading the secret message


Our friend will place the perforated sheet on the written sheet and will differentiate the secret message.

Enjoy creating as many message as you want.

If you writte the message in a spiral direction the perforated sheet will be a snail!


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