craft to play pirate games. AUthentic pirate techniques and pirate costume items.

Pirate Crafts



¿Are you an authentic adventurer? ¿Do you dream sailing seas looking for amazing adventures? ¿Have you ever wanted to be the captain of a big Ship? This is your page!

In this page we teach you some tricks to become a fearsome pirate. You'll dress the authentic pirate clothes, you'll be able to find the hidden treasure, you'll build ship replicas...You'll become the mythical pirate Blackbeard!



How to make a telescope

Build a pull-out telescope and spy the enemy ships in the open sea. The trick that all pirates use to prepare their ambushes.




How to make a pirate hat

Just wearing this pirate hat you can become an authentic pirate. Chose which model you want to make.




How to make a pirate eye patch

The most courageous pirates wear eye patches.
Learn how to make a pirate eye patch to wear it on your eye.




How to make a pirate flag

Make an authentic pirate flag and tie it up on your pirate ship. A good decoration item for your room.



Tabletop game of Sea Battle

Recreate exciting pirate batles with this cutout table game.




¿Did you like this page dedicate to pirates?
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