How to make your own pinata . Pinatas plenty of sweets

How to make a pinata

The pinata game is something very usual during parties . It consists on a varied recipient stuffed with sweet and goodies. A boy or girl is chosen to break it . After blindfolding his eyes, he is provided with a stick or cane to break the pinata that is hanging from a rope over his head. The other boys must indicate him if he is close or far from it.
Once the pinata is broken, the interior candies scatter on the floor and the other looking boys must hurry up to catch as many candies as they can.

It is a very amusing game that makes public laugh when it observes as the boy or girl misses the blow .


The necessary materials are: Balloons (one is enough), newspaper paper, white paste, scissors, tempera and water.



Inflate the balloon and make a knot to prevent the air to escape. The size of the pinata depends on the dimension of the globe. The bigger the balloon is, the bigger the pinata will be.



Take some newspaper sheets and make ribbons with them. Using a container, mix white glue and water in equal parts.


Now the most creative process comes. Dip the newspaper ribbons into the mixture and stick them on the surface of the globe as if you were applying a bandage. Cover the balloon with 3 or 4 layers of ribbons, one on the other till you make a sort of paper coat.


Wait 2 or 3 days so the glue becomes dry. Having noticed that the paper has formed a very hard shell ( Knock at it to listen to a hollow sound), take some scissors to make a hole at one side of the balloon. ( This will be the place we will put the candies through)

The last step consists on painting the pinata. . Catch the temper you prefer and paint it applying diverse layers until you obtain the desired effect.


Allow it to dry for some hours and you will already have your pinata done. You only have to stuff it with candies, to tie it a string and to hang it.


Invite your friends to see the first blindfolded one who is able to break it!

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