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Paperfolding lessons

Learn how to create new objects: animals, insects, vehicles ...but with paper!

Follow the construction instructions step by step and you will obtain a new creation in 3 dimensions from a simple leaf.
The art of the paperfolding or origami comes from the old Japan and it has been practiced in that country since many centuries. It is only a question of practice. If follow these tutorials, you will improve your skills and you will become a great artist with paper.

To begin with, try to make one of the following objects:

Sombrero samuraySamurai hat
To make a typical samurai hat.
Sent by David Prat Robles.

Vaso de papelGlass of water
You can use this water paper glass to drink from a fountain.
Sent by David Prat Robles.

Conejo de papelPaper rabbit
Would you like to have this funny animal in your room?
Learn how to make it with this easy tutorial.
Sent by David Prat Robles.

Cigarra de papelPaper cicada
Cicadas play anywhere in Summer.
Why don't you have your own insect in your room?
Sent by David Prat Robles.

Rana de papelPaper frog
How to build this fascinating paper object.
A very well designed tutorial
Sent by David Prat Robles.

Rana de papelPaper ship
We begin the new adventure
of how to make paper ships.
Sent by David Prat Robles.

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