Learn how to make a chess using paper and printable picture cards. Make a chess With easy steps and drawings.

How to make a paper chess

We want to show you the first strategy table game in the craft section:

Next we are going to make our own paper chess and all its figures.
It's another cutout, so you may follow all the instructions to know when to print and color all items found in this chess game.

Warning: It is possible you can't see all the entire pattern in the pop-up window, thought clicking "Print pattern" it will be printed correctly.

Chess pieces

In the chess game many pieces are repeated so, you may print several times some pieces. It's recomended to print one copy of each figure (click on the following images and it will apear a pop-up window) and then make photocopies of them.

For you chess you need: 2 Kings, 2 Queens, 4 Knights, 4 Bishops, 4 Castles and 16 Pawns.
When you finish to print and photocopy, you'll have 64 patterns in total ready to color.


King (1st part)


King (2nd part)


Queen (1st part)


Queen (2nd part)


Knight (1st part)


Knight (2nd part)


Bishop (1st part)


Bishop (2nd part)


Castle (1st part)


Castle (2nd part)


Pawn (1st part)


Pawn (2nd part)

Assemble instructions

Once you have all black and white patterns, split them in 2 groups (A & B) It will represent the teams. In every team there should be 8 Pawns, 2 Castles, 2 Bishops, 1 King and 1 Queen.

Color the figures using the colors of your choise. Just a consideration: The background of each team has to be the same color in all their pieces.
For example: if you chose blue color for the A team, its pawns, bishops, knights, castles, king and queen has to have blue background. And for example, for the B team a red color for its backgrounds.
Once they are colored, cut the silhouette of all pieces.Take care not to cut the base nor the tab of some patterns.

Now, we are going to build the chess pieces. To do so, group each piece with its parts (1st and 2nd part).
It's easy to distinguish since each 1st part has 2 tabs, while each 2nd part just has one tab (much more longer).

Fold all tabs to the interior of each pattern (not colored zone) Look at the right picture.
In the way the long tab forms a base and the short ones are folded behind the colored zone.

Pour glue on the tabs (use a glue stick if the paper sheets are very thin).

Then join the 2 parts. The lower tab (1st part) with the other lower tab (2nd part) and the upper tab (of the 1st part) with the front surface (of the 2nd part)

Following correctly the last steps you will get something like the right figure. The 2 colored faces turn their backs to show the drawing outsite.

Repeat the process for each of the pieces.

Continue with the second part of this printable paper chess.


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