Learn how to lace shoes using a handmade craft. Make a shoe model following the easy steps and drawings.

Craft to learn To lace your shoes

There comes a moment in a child's life when we have to teach him how to lace his shoes.

This is an activity that he'll repeat every time he goes out home so, it will be very useful to use a resource to start learning and use a technique as soon as possible.

Next, we are going to make a shoes simulator for kids to practice lacing shoes in a perfect way.

Prepare the next materials: a wooden/card board, a gimlet, velvet cloths of different colors, scissors, 20 metal rings, glue,black-tipped maker pen and 2 shoelaces.

Start printing the shoes pattern that we find at the end of this page.

Put the printed sheet of paper on the middle of the wooden board and copy the drawing tracing it several times with the maker pen.

Next, we'll "knit" the shoes.

Cut pieces of velvet cloths for the different parts of the shoes: toe, heel and shoe sides.

To obtain a clean result, fold inwards the rims of each velvet piece and glue them on the wooden board.

Next, add details on the shoes.

Make 10 holes in each shoe with the gimlet.

Fix the metal rings on the glued velvet cloths trying to fit with the holes.

Use the marker pen to mark edges of the shoes and add details on the cloths.

Introduce the shoelaces zigzaging across into the holes:
Go to the following hole at the other side. . Arriving at the last hole turn back to the begining introducing the end of the shoelace to the empty skipped holes.

Look the pictures on the left to know the process.

We are ready to teach how to lace shoes.

Repeat several times the process of lacing shoes in order the kid can understand it. It's very useful to repeat the steps singing a catchy song.

Let him/her try sometimes. After some attempts he/she'll be able to do it without any help. Repeat this process a couple of days and he/she 'll never forget it.

Printable pattern

Printable shoes pattern

Shoes pattern

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