Drawings of children cutouts. Handicraft to print, cut and colour.

Cutouts for kids

Make your printer ready, you need seven white sheets (better bristol boards) some scissors and crayons.
In front of you there is a big collection of drawings to clip.


Trofeos de los Oscares


Gorra, sobmrero y coronas

Caps, hats and a crown

On the pictures above, our friend PLAS is posing for the right drawing. Next to him we can see a pilot's helmet, his favorite cap; a beret for the parties; a cap for cold days; his favorite leather mask; his girlfriend's flowers hat; a Cowboy hat , and the crown of the king of this site. .


gafas, barba y pendiente

Glasses, beards, earrings

zapatilla y zapato

Slippers and shoes

His glasses, his binocular, a pirate's patch, a mustache, a thick beard, a handkerchief, some earrings and a goatee he likes to put on when he goes to a party. Beside them, all the shoes he owns up to now.




camisa y pantalon

Shirts and trousers

PLAS also likes to disguise himself so he has a couple of costumes just to try them on. At the other picture, a vest, a modern shirt and all his favorite pants . He uses the last ones during his karate classes.


Indumentarias miserables

Miserable clothes

Since he sometimes is without a penny, he can not buy any clothes, so he walks in the street with the garments he himself makes, using the materials he can find at home.

Once you have printed all the clothes, you can try which ones suit him better.

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